Your document must be perfect

If your document has been produced, or it has been translated in-house, sometimes it requires a fresh pair of eyes to ensure it’s absolutely perfect. At Dickens Translations we provide proofreading services that guarantee you the following:

  • Expert proofreaders who will correct your text without changing the content of your document
  • Text that is clear, to the point and free from language errors, thus ensuring the highest professional integrity for your document
  • Your document has the correct tone, style and terminology for your target audience
  • Openness, honesty and trust, we will work with you to ensure your document is exactly as you require it

Building relationships

The correctness of your text is of the utmost importance to us and it is our belief that to achieve quality results we must work closely with you. Our aim is to establish a long-term relationship with each client to ensure we get to know you well enough to be able to proofread your text in exactly the way that is right for your organisation.

How do we set the price for our proofreading services?

If you send us information about your text, with details of the kind of service required, we can send you a quote within hours. Pricing for our proofreading services is determined by several factors:

  • The number of source words
  • Complexity of the subject matter
  • The time required for completion

When contacting us please tell us: the size of document (words), your delivery deadline, the language and the field.